LEOSALaw Enforcement Officers Safety Act (California)
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LEOSA does not give qualified officers any special enforcement or arrest authority or immunity.
Qualified officers may use LEOSA only as an affirmative defense if prosecuted.
LEOSA allows qualifying officers to carry concealed firearms, but, at the same time, limits what qualifies as a firearm.
LEOSA exempts qualified officers from state laws limiting or prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons.
Federal laws or regulations are not superseded by LEOSA.
It is unclear whether LEOSA overrides an agency's ability to limit an officer's authority to carry a personally owned handgun off duty as part of off-duty restriction policies.
Some jurisdictions outlaw the open display and carrying of firearms; however, LEOSA does not allow officers to carry firearms other than concealed.
Through LEOSA, Congress reacted to this new age of terrorism, accepting the fact that America never has faced a greater need to have additional watchful eyes on the streets of its cities, towns, and rural areas.
Support for the NICS improvement and the LEOSA amendments (described below) in S.