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For the verb lepma (stem: lept) 'throw', for instance, the semantically unmarked scenario involves an animate G and an inanimate T argument.
Furthermore, events with an animate T argument cannot be expressed at all by the verb lepma (24c-d).
(25a) ka gol jyal=be akt-u-n=na 1SG[NOM] ball[NOM] window=LOC kick-3P[PST]-1SG=NMLZ.SG 'I kicked the ball into the window.' (25b) ka unci=be gol akt-u-n=na 1SG[NOM] 3NSG=LOC ball[NOM] kick-3P[PST]-1SG=NMLZ.SG 'I kicked the ball at/to them.' As with lepma 'throw', the G needs to be an animate participant in order to enable the secundative frame, as in (26a).