LEPORLong-Term and Expanded Program of Oceanic Research
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Geo and making him an integral part of their team, Lepor, Taneja, and the other NYU urologists have opened the door to what were once controversial naturopathic techniques.
Our metrics LEPOR series address the language-bias problem by using augmented factors and tunable parameters.
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Lepor, who is professor and Martin Spatz chairman of the department of urology at the university.
(11) The lepor of Venus and the poetry inspired by her are absent.
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O vetus integer sodalis, Nostri Deliciae, Lepor Venustas Quem tot jam misere tuli per annos Absentem tanta silere charta Si tibi igniculus vetusti amoris Forte inter cineres adhuc superstes Manet, nec perii omnis excedique/.
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