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LEPSLangley Environmental Partners Society (Canada; est. 1993)
LEPSLaboratoire Européen de Psychologie Sociale (Paris, France)
LEPSLondon-Eyring-Polanyi-Sato Potential
LEPSLow-Energy Photon System
LEPSLargest Executable Program Size
LEPSLaunch Escape Propulsion System
LEPSLow Energy Physics Support
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Dear Editor, I am writing to you as the Chair of the Black Country Consortium and on behalf of the Association of Black Country Authorities concerning your coverage about the merging of LEPS (Post, July 12).
It would make no sense for say six LEPS in the West Midlands each to have their own data collection activity, collect-t ing the same data over and over again and probably ending up with different results.