LERKLigand of Eph-Related Kinase
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Just as reported in many cases, the presence of water-soluble diluents can facilitate tablet disintegration (LERK et al., 1979; OLMEZ et al., 2013).
'Look in a cook book' becomes 'lerk in acerk berk'."
A LERK is a much more cost effective and elegant solution.
Global Heat Transfer's LERK is a distillation loop modification designed to remove light ends and manage flash points, fire points and auto ignition temperatures.
Groundc onfoundsc lerk Newbury'sRichardOsgoodis oneofBritain'smostexperienced clerksofthecourse,butthe recent weatherhasevenhimpuzzled.
Former of f ic e c lerk Rosemary had two children, Scot t and Dawn, f rom a previous mar r iage.
According to handout issued here on Monday, while talking to various delegations Haji Ehsan-ud-Din Qureshi has said that new diagnostic centers have been set up at Social Security Dispensaries at Township, Gulberg, Shahdra, Lerk, 111-S, Quaid-e-Azam industrial state township, 58-T Gulberg, 65-GT Road Shahdra and House No.
LERK'S CHOICE has already won at Banks's beloved CHuntingdon - "That's the good thing about winning at your local track, everyone's so pleased for you, although he wasn't a very good price!" - and if there is a little sadness in the knowledge that he'll never win the race that honours Banks's father, it's assuaged by the limitless possibilities of the future.
GLOBAL Heat Transfer has expanded its range of Light Ends Removal Kits (Lerks) to help companies using thermal fluid systems ensure more cost-effective, clean and safe operations.
To cater for different system layouts, the thermal fluid specialist supplies, installs and managers both passive Lerks that use gravity to return the oil to the circuit and a new range of active Lerks that employ a frequency-controlled pump.