LERSLearning from Examples Using Rough Sets
LERSLandata e-Recording System (Landata Technologies)
LERSLabor Exchange Reporting System (US DOL)
LERSLow-Energy Recoil Scattering
LERSLower Echelon Reporting System
LERSLocal Emergency Response System (various locations)
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For the matter of that, I was in a boat, alongside the ship, when they cut out the twelve-pound shot from the thigh of the captain of the Foodyrong, one of Mounsheer Ler Quaw’s countrymen!” *
The SPR comes closer to meeting the objectives of LER than the HVACPD values, but it is defined only as a single annual average value.
The EDE comes close to meeting the objectives of LER, but it includes only the thermal efficiency of the air-side sub-system while the energy use of the water side and the plant must also be considered in a measure of complete HVAC system efficiency (Reddy et al.
However, the final score is only a simple combination of the different components without reflecting the actual HVAC system energy efficiency, and therefore, does not accomplish the objectives of the LER.
Lers Electrical representative, Mr Opelo Keatlholetswe said when the idea was born, it was not just about building a house, but one that would be the envy of many.
LER = ([Y.sub.apc11]/[Y.sub.amm1]) + ([Y.sub.apc12]/[Y.sub.amm2) + ([Y.sub.cpal]/[Y.sub.ccm) + ([Y.sub.1pca1]/[Y.sub.1lm1) + ([Y.sub.lpca2]/ [Y.sub.1lm1) (1)
The LER of each plot was obtained, considering the value of the average of repetitions of monocrops over blocks in the denominator of the partial LER of each crop ([LER.sub.a], [LER.sub.c] and [LER.sub.1]) (Bezerra Neto et al., 2012).
A univariate analysis of variance for randomized complete block design was performed in order to evaluate [LER.sub.c], LER and YEI, once the assumptions of normality, homocedasticity and additivity were satisfied.
Similar behavior was observed among the indexes [LER.sub.c] and LER in relation to YEI, in statistical terms, among the tested factors-treatments.
A total LER value greater than 1.0 indicates advantages from intercropping in terms of the use of environmental resources for plant growth.
The objectives of this study were to determine yield advantage and forage quality of the intercropping system in sorghum intercropped with pearl millet in semi-arid areas and als o effect of different proportions and densities on forage yield, crude protein, (DMD), carbohydrate and finally LER of sorghum-pearl millet intercropping system.