LESCLondon E-Science Centre
LESCLaw Enforcement Support Center (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
LESCLower Eastside Service Center
LESCLoch Earn Sailing Club (UK)
LESCLake Elsinore Soaring Club (aviation)
LESCLockheed Engineering and Sciences Company
LESCLake Eustis Sailing Club (Florida)
LESCLimbal Epithelial Stem Cell
LESCLife, Earth and Environmental Standing Committee (European Science Foundation)
LESCLifecycle Engineering Solutions Center
LESCLondon Electric Supply Corporation, Ltd.
LESCLockheed Electronic Systems Company
LESCLogistics Executive Steering Committee
LESCLight Engineering Service Center (Pakistan)
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Within the limbal basal cell population, the putative LESC are cuboidal in shape and have a smaller volume compared to the basal cells of the central and peripheral cornea [11].
Barish's leadership, LESC grew into a multi-modality agency with a $15 million annual budget.
In other words, under the Court's jaywalking hypothetical, it would likely need to be determined that Arizona officers are required to initiate and wait for a response to an immigration status check from the LESC before releasing the jaywalker, (186) Under these circumstances, such challenges would appear to have a high probability of success, given statements made by the solicitor general at oral argument, but left conspicuously absent from the Court's opinion.
that the arrestee may be a removable alien, the LESC evaluates the
Reformists, a pro-government group, claim some members of the LESC have also joined them.
From Operation Absconder and NSEERS to LESC. In late 2001, the Department of Justice announced that it would enter into NCIC the names of foreign nationals who had ignored outstanding deportation orders--a category of people that they labeled "absconders." (116) The absconder category is problematic: studies have shown that as many as two-thirds of the individuals categorized by ICE as absconders never actually received notice that they were subject to removal.
Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates' Grant Dolgin arranged a 12,000 s/f lease for Lower Eastside Service Center (LESC) Foundation and Angel Street Thrift Shop at 33 Nassau Avenue in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.
Third, in 1994 Congress began appropriating funds for the creation of the Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC) in Williston, Vermont, which serves as an INS point of contact with local police officers who apprehend illegal aliens.
Results: 1 Christian Stephenson Car 14:42; 2 Nathaniel Lane Car 14:45; 3 Richard Gardiner Car 14:46; 4 Mark Jennings Car 14:51; 5 Darran Hiscox Swan 14:57; 6 Andy Hunt Car 15:13; 7 John Edwards u/a 15:23; 8 Jonathan Phillips Car 15:30; 9 Gareth Davies Swan 15:46; 10 Richard Bullen (M40) LesC 15:50.
TABLE 1 Characteristics of islands used by nesting greater scaup (GRSC) and lesser scaup (LESC) and all islands surveyed on the North Arm of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, 1990-95.