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LESOLaw Enforcement Support Office
LESOLand Earth Station Operator
LESOLeased Equipment & Services Officer
LESOLeadership in Educational and Sport Organizations (DeKalb, IL)
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Nevertheless, it is obvious that the steady state error of LADRC is smaller than that of PID due to the LESO. In conclusion, the LADRC has a strong ability of wind disturbance compensation.
The parameters of the LESO are selected as follows: [l.sub.1] = 54, [l.sub.2] = 189, and [l.sub.3] = 3472.
By speaking directly to the people, posing questions, and asking for their participation, D'Annunzio made the crowd an active part of his speeches (Barberi Squarotti "D'Annunzio scrittore 'politico'"; Ledeen 8-9, 202; Leso 736-41; Perfetti, "D'Annunzio, ovvero la politica come poesia").
Una volta diffusasi la notitia criminis, vale a dire la norizia di un determinate reato commesso, scattava la denuncia presentata all'autorita da un private leso dal delitto, o da un pubblico funzionario; tale modo di procedere fu chiamato denuntiatio (65).
Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) and the 1033 Program
The decision not to pursue any disciplinary measure against John Leso, a former army reserve major, is the latest case in which someone involved in the post-9/11 torture of detainees has faced no legal or even professional consequences.
Cornelius, V Leso et al., "Oxidative stress, glutathione status, sirtuin and cellular stress response in type 2 diabetes," Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, vol.
Babsy, Leanne, Emma and the late Leso and a loving grandad and great-grandad.