LETBLast Exit to Brooklyn (movie)
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The survey was disseminated to rheumatology trainees via the trainee representative from each LETB.
integral] min {[f.sub.T] ([x.sub.1], ..., [x.sub.n]), [f.sub.B] ([x.sub.i], ..., [x.sub.n])}[dx.sub.i], ..., [dx.sub.n] ETB = [absolute value of E(T) - E(B)] Target versus background entropy KSZ Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic Local metrics LTBC Local target to background contrast LTIR Local target interference ratio LSNR Local signal-to-noise ratio LETB Local target versus background entropy LKSZ Local Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic Target specific metrics TSD Target standard deviation ENT Target entropy POT Pixels on target P 2/A Perimeter squared over area ATES Average target edge strength ESD Target edge standard deviation Table 2.