LETCLabor Employment and Training Corporation (United Auto Workers)
LETCLaramie Energy Technology Center
LETCLaw Enforcement Training Consultants (Philadelphia, PA)
LETCLibrary Education and Training Committee (Princeton University Library)
LETCLiterature Evangelism Training Center
LETCLaw Enforcement Technical Collection (US DHS)
LETCLogistics Education & Training Centre (Vilnius, Lithuania)
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In addition to training, the LETC coordinates national programs for VA Police and Security Service background investigations and badge issuance.
The 160-hour basic police officer training course represents the core training offered at the LETC.
In addition, the LETC offers several 40-hour specialized and advanced courses, such as a baton instructor course, a detective course, a semiautomatic pistol course, and a supervisory police officer course.
The OS&LE and the LETC recognize that continuing education and training prove essential to an effective police operation.
To ensure that the training remains of the highest quality and meets the needs of the VA, the OS&LE and the LETC have sought periodic, independent outside review of the basic police officer training course.