LETFLaw Enforcement Trust Fund (various states)
LETFLaunch Equipment Test Facility (NASA)
LETFLiquid Effluent Treatment Facility
LETFLaser Engineering Test Facility
LETFLaser Effects Test Facility
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Drywall-Lathers Local 9068 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters filed a report with LETF after several of the Varsity Berkeley workers came forward with complaints about not being paid.
With a commitment to ensuring California's workers receive their fair wages, LETF has assessed $4.
For a complete list of LETF partner agencies, and to learn more about the underground economy please visit the LETF home page.
Similarly serious violations were discovered when LETF inspected Boland Plastering, also in San Diego.
In addition, LETF investigators cited the employer $29,257 for failing to carry workers' compensation, not paying minimum wage or overtime and not providing workers with an itemized wage statement.
As a result of violations found by our task force, many businesses operating in the underground economy face thousands of dollars in fines and are ordered to stop work due to hazardous working conditions," said Dominic Forrest, LETF Acting Chief.
In January 2013, a LETF team inspected Commerce Creatives, LLC in Los Angeles.
The goal of LETF is to ensure safe working conditions, proper payment of wages, and create an environment where legitimate businesses can thrive as well as support the collection of taxes, fees and penalties due to the State of California.
LETF and JESF both participated in today's enforcement efforts, which were coordinated by the California Department of Insurance.
To build on the success of the LETF and JESF collaboration, Assembly Bill 576 established the Revenue Recovery and Collaborative Enforcement Team, which Governor Brown directed DIR to lead in his signing message.
The LETF has grown to become an extremely effective mechanism for the public and legitimate construction contractors to access when seeking help after seeing unscrupulous behavior in the field.
We appreciate the LETF taking back the ground for workers and legitimate contractors.