LETPLycée d'Enseignement Technologique Privé (French, France)
LETPLocomotive Engineer Training Program
LETPLeading Edge Technology Park (Stavanger, Norway)
LETPLaw Enforcement Training Program (various locations)
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Letp be a prime number and [F.sub.p] be a prime finite field.
Letp = 1: Obviously, for each group [G.sub.l] the internal sum [mathematical expression not reproducible] as a function of [h.sub.l] is a convex piecewise linear function, and hence it takes its minimum at [mathematical expression not reproducible] for some k* [member of] [G.sub.l].
Letp be a large prime ([absolute value of p] = 160 bits), and a,b [member of] [F.sub.p] be two elements specifying 4[a.sup.3] + 27[b.sup.2](mod p) [not equal to] 0 and an elliptic curve E(a,b) over the finite field [F.sub.p], defined by the equation E: [y.sup.2] [equivalent to] [x.sup.3] + ax + b(mod p), the base point G of order q on E, and q is a large prime ([absolute value of q] = 160 bits).
Namely, letp, q be prime numbers such that p = 2q + 1 and let g be the generator of G, which is the subgroup of [Z.sup.*.sub.p] of order q.