LEUTLeucine Transporter
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An example of the honest goals approach is the LEUT program under the Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) portfolio.
In Chapter 3 the authors outline the basic organizational and legal structure of the three levels of the church: the constitutional level where all three groups are brought together to deal with common issues; the conference level of each separate leut; and then finally the colony level.
(49) Moreover the behavioural and linguistic traits separating the leut have been intensifying.
Much of the budget cut will come from reducing the organization's office staff from five employees to two, and Leut hauser said audiences should see little difference in the number or quality of the group's performances.
Commanding officer of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, Leut Col Iain Harrison, said his death was an "unthinkable tragedy".
Also unconvincing, but much more interesting, is a related suggestion, connecting the beaker with Hans Burgkmair's woodcuts Die kalikutischen Leut, made for the series The triumphs of Maximilian I (1517-18, but published in 1526).
This includes a consideration of such points as their division into three separate groupings (which he calls lei& although many authorities prefer the more normal German spelling leut) and their colony organization.
Wundergeschicht / Offenbarung und Geschichte / einer entzuckten Kindbetterin / welche zwelff stunden ist Todt gelegen / und vom Geist umber gefuret / darnach wider lebendig worden / hat gelebt bi[Beta] auff den dritten Tag / Land Leut und stette zur busse vermanet / geschehen zur Neunstatt dises 1569.
Most members of the committee were willing to retain the phrase Mutter des Gottes Leut without revision.(65) In his report to the elders, Clemens reported that most of his changes involved meter and ease of singing, but he did remove or clarify a number of obscure or equivocal allusions found in the original.
Goudimel, nouvellement mis en tablature sur le leut par Adrian Le Roy we are more fortunate, for at least one copy (albeit incomplete) has survived, enabling Noailly to assemble all of the voices of Goudimel's four-part arrangements of the 150 psalms, first published in 1564, from the original edition and later reprints.
(13) A facsimile reprint of Bach's chorale prelude `Wir Christen Leut' from the Orgelbuchlein may be found in Apel, The notation of polyphonic music, p.39.
(23 ) "So doch der wein von Gott erschaffen ist/dar mit bloden vnd krancken armen leut zu erwermen vnd erfrewen"; Ryff, Spieget und Regiment der Gesundheit, p.