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Lewes had been unhappily married years before to a woman who was still alive, and English law did not permit the divorce which he would have secured in America.
Lewes in 1878 was a severe blow to her, since she was always greatly dependent on personal sympathy; and after a year and a half, to the surprise of every one, she married Mr.
exposition of noumena offer a rich field for what Lewes calls "the
He had read somewhere that every man was born a Platonist, an Aristotelian, a Stoic, or an Epicurean; and the history of George Henry Lewes (besides telling you that philosophy was all moonshine) was there to show that the thought of each philospher was inseparably connected with the man he was.
At eight in the evening they left the lake behind and entered the mouth of the Lewes River.
That faith was then new to me, and all Moxon's expounding had failed to make me a convert; but now it seemed as if a great light shone about me, like that which fell upon Saul of Tarsus; and out there in the storm and darkness and solitude I experienced what Lewes calls "The endless variety and excitement of philosophic thought.
Shall we go and look at some horses that Snaffler's just brought from Lewes fair?
George Eliot did the very same thing; and Lewes was a little frog-faced man, with the manner of a dancing master.
29 in Odessa, the Lewes workshop will begin with a briefing on the status of the Offshore Wind Working Group, which was established by Governor John Carneys Executive Order 13 in August.
Towards the end of the first half Mallin was played through one on one with the Lewes keeper, but the chance was lost as the ball bobbled awkwardly for her and Emily Heckler fired over.
I love the Lewes blanket box in particular - it's the perfect piece to store bedding and towels - and looks perfect positioned at the end of the bed.
html) the Evening Standard reported AaAeAeA Lewes planned to burn an effigy of Se Blatter, the disgraced and suspended president of FIFA.