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LEWKLoitering Electronic Warfare Killer
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"Putting a LEWK on a fighter that goes in at 500 knots and dropping it allows the LEWK to use all its fuel on station, rather than traveling to and from the site of interest," Wilcox said.
LEWK transforms from a general-purpose bomb into an aerobatic air vehicle by using inflatable airfoils, and is commanded through data links and on-board sensors.
She tells me to take care of myself, and I almost respond with: "Yeah, yew lewk after yerself." But something miraculous happens.
But: "Lewk, Grant," (Lorraine's from Yorkshire), "looks like Tiff's baby's gointa coom between oos."
Split into two teams and make a list of things you have to find or complete, like a photo of you in a version of Cheryl Blossom's iconic lewk (think: red, black and fierce all over).
Presentations planned for Session IV, "Payloads for the War on Terrorism," which will be chaired by Jan Moren (UAV SPO, US Army, CECOM), include "The Loitering EW Killer (LEWK) ACTD" (Marty Meyer, OST/MCSC); "U SN/USMC Anti-Terrorism Payload Requirements" (USMC Warfighting Lab, invited); USAF UAV Battlelab Anti-Terrorism Initiatives (USAF UAV Battlelab, invited); and "NRL Initiatives in the War on Terrorism" (NRL, invited).
Who knows, you just might catch the eye of someone special with your new lewk. Eyeshadow, Urban Decay, $22