LEWSLivestock Early Warning System (Texas A&M University)
LEWSLearning Environments and Web Services (University of Ballarat; Australia)
LEWSLightweight Extreme Weather Shelter
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Lew, who took over in the chief of staff position from Bill Daley last January, said he is ready to work with the people at Treasury.
Lew, an Orthodox Jew, graduated from Harvard College in 1978 and Georgetown University Law Center in 1983.
Lew also served as managing director and chief operating officer of Citi Global Wealth Management and then Citi Alternative Investments.
If confirmed for the position, Lew will have no problem falling in place when the debt ceiling talks begin next month.
Despite these advantages, experts believe that Lew may not find it easy being an ambassador between the White House and the business community 6 a skill that may come in handy with future negotiations with Republicans.
Lew, the play features his wife, Ruthe Lew, and the couple's two children, Ari and Kira.
Lew said the show is perhaps one of the most frequently performed of the Shakespeare plays.
Ari Lew is on the ground and standing, from left, Jaime Levine and Paul Carter.
Reader submissions to the newsletter have included winning entries from the LEWS poster, poetry, and essay contests held at the island schools.
As part of the effort to keep local residents informed about current LEWS issues, the Service and Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Wildlife (ODNR) regularly issue press releases and involve the media in emerging topics of interest.
The Service's "LEWS management guidelines for construction, development, and land management activities," ODNR's "Shore Structures and the LEWS," and ODNR's "LEWS--Make your boating experience more pleasant" document ways to avoid or minimize impacts to the snake and its habitat.
She provides one-on-one, site-specific guidance to islanders with snake issues, writes a regular "Ask the Island Snake Lady" column for the local paper, operates an e-mail address for snake questions, and presents numerous LEWS presentations for various groups throughout the year.