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LEXLexical Analysis (Unix Program)
LEXLife Expectancy (World Health Organization)
LEXLocal Exchange
LEXLeading Edge Extension
LEXLambda Epsilon Chi (Paralegal National Honor Society)
LEXLAN Extension
LEXLexington, KY, USA - Blue Grass Field (Airport Code)
LEXLegal Expert Group (EU)
LEXLow-Resolution X-Ray Spectrometer
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In moral and philosophical discourse about the criminal law, the lex talionis is sometimes used to contend that the pain or harm inflicted by punishment should not exceed the pain or harm inflicted by the offender on his victim.
Described as an 'exclusive fraternal organization of Filipino jurists, legal practitioners and law students,' Lex Talionis has risen from being a middle-tier fraternity to a position of influence in terms of rank and number in government.
The LEX L10 will support commercial carrier 3G/4G LTE (Band 13 and Band 4) and public safety LTE (Band 14), ensuring optimal coverage and performance at all times.
The Lex is a 649-bedroom, premier student housing community serving the students of the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky.
In cooperation with the Lex Sportiva Instituta Indonesia and supported by the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia, the indonesian National Sports Committee and the Indonesian National Olympic Committee, The Football Liga
Lex, who was last at the Rep in 2000 playing Laertes in Hamlet, reveals that appearing in Serious Money has led him to reassess his own financial future.
Lex is deeply passionate about the production and says enthusiastically: "It's so exciting to be part of something so epic.
Lex adds: "Making a pet wear a harness is not unkind because most will feel more secure when they are restrained by a harness.
In preclinical studies, Biolex has shown that BLX-883 is comparable to commercially available alfa interferon and that it can be produced cost-effectively using Biolex' proprietary LEX System in the company's cGMP manufacturing facilities.
Proceeds will be used to pay down Bourne End, Buckinghamshire-based RAC's debts, including pounds 72m relating to Lex Harvey and Lex Birchwood.
Lex XI had a narrow 3-2 passage against Cefn United.
TWO top design firms have chosen Lex Vehicle Leasing to provide all their fleet needs.