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Gypsum (Moore ct al., 2014) Helianthus exilis Serpentine (Sambatti & Rice, 2007) Helianthus paradoxus Salt (Lexer et al., 2003) Howea forsteriana and Volcanic soil and calcareous soil H.
(39) Lexer's Mittelhochdeutsches Handworterbuch (1.col.1550) glosses kerbe as 'Einschnitt, Kerbe' (gash, cut, notch, incision, groove); translations mine.
En el Handworterbuch de Matthias Lexer diuten aparece, ademas, con el significado explicito de <<ubersetzen>> (9) igual a <<traducir>>.
Rieseberg LH, Raymond O, Rosenthal DM, Lai Z, Livingstone K, Nakazato T, Durphy JL, Schwarzbach AE, Donovan LA, Lexer C.
In 1914 [21] during the First World War, many surgeons became famous after their reconstructions of defects and scars after wound healing, such as Sir Harold Gillies* (1892-1960) and Archibald McIndoe from Great Britain, Hippolyte Morestin (1869-1919) from France, Erich Lexer from Germany, Johannes Fredericus Esser from the Netherlands (1877-1946), and so on.
William Steven Baer, (9) fascia lata interposition described by Eric Lexer, (10) and gold foil interposition described by Sir Robert Jones.
Haddi was named aACAyKing of the Mountains' after he left Roman Van Uden of New Zealand and Lexer Mark John Galedo from the Philippines in second and third place respectively in the second stage of the race held over 136 kilometres between Umm Al Quwain and Kalba.
Another particularly promising approach could be to use natural hybrid zones for admixture mapping (Buerkle and Lexer, 2008; Lindtke et al., 2013).
Lexer, "Application of the analytic network process in multi-criteria analysis of sustainable forest management," Forest Ecology and Management, vol.