LF2Little Fighter 2 (game)
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[F.sub.d] = [[phi].sub.d,stat] F (LF1; [k.sub.stat]) + 4 [[phi].sub.d,dyn] F (LF1; [k.sub.dyn]) + [[delta].sub.d,stat] F (LF2; [k.sub.stat]) + [[delta].sub.d,dyn] F (LF2; [k.sub.dyn]) + [P.sub.d]/100 min F (LF3; [k.sub.dyn]), (1)
At planting was used the commercial formulation of micronutrients FTE-12, which was applied at doses of 0, 60, 120 and 180 kg [ha.sup.-1]; the four levels of foliar fertilization were: LF0 (without fertilizer), LF 1 (15 foliar fertilizations using the amounts of 1158.75 g Fe [ha.sup.-1], 844.65 g Mn [ha.sup.-1], 391.5 g [ha.sup.-1] Zn, 322.65 g [ha.sup.-1] Cu and 216 g [ha.sup.-1] B); LF2 (15 foliar fertilizations, using twice the quantities of level LF1) and LF3 (15 foliar fertilizations, using three times the amount of level LF1).
ASME B31.4--Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids (crude oil, liquid petroleum gas, anhydrous ammonia, alcohols and carbon dioxide) allows for design with certain steel materials ASTM A694 F42 to F70, A707 L3 CL3, A105, A350 LF2, A182 F316, A182 F51 (Duplex) and others; the design maximum allowable stress values are determined by design factors (0.72 or 0.6) multiplied by specified minimum yield strength (SMYS) of material; Pipe Wall Thickness Formula: wt = PD/2SF (wt=wall thickness; P=design pressure; D=pipe diameter(OD); S=allowable stress; F=design factor); based upon the allowable hoop stress of the material in question; welding standard is per API 1004.
Four treatments (each with 10 jars) were used: i) the untreated corn (control) without inoculant (CS); ii) corn inoculated by the strain Enterococcus faecium CCM 4231 (CS+EF); iii) corn inoculated by the strain Lactobacillus fermentum LF2 (CS+LF); iv) corn inoculated by the strain Lactobacillus plantarum CCM 4000 (CS+LP), respectively.
The 3 long fallow rotations (LF1, LF2, LF3) were set up so that wheat and sorghum were planted each winter and summer respectively.
The extract (LRRD, 23g) yielded six VLC fractions namely LF1 (5% ethyl acetate/n-hexane, 0.5 g), LF2 (20% ethyl acetate/ n-hexane, 0.5 g), LF3 (40% ethyl acetate/n-hexane, 1.5 g), LF4 (70% ethyl acetate/n-hexane, 12.5 g), LF5 (20% methanol/ethyl acetate, 6.4 g) and LF6 (100% methanol, 1.5 g).
These studies focused on the Lf2 locus, controlling leaflet number.
Given the biases that are thought to make the CPI overstate actual inflation, the 1.1% rise in this measure over the past 12 months may put us within lf2 percentage point of zero inflation.
[R.sup.2] RMSE Canada France A (1-3) 17 0.4545 0.0063 LC3 LF2 B (2-5) 24 0.1162 0.008 LC3, LC5 C(1-5) 29 0.4593 0.0062 LC5 LF2 D(1-7) 41 0.4601 0.0062 LC5 LF2, LF6 E(1-15) 89 0.4975 0.006 LC2, LF2, LC5, LF6, LC14 LF8, LF10 Significant Variables Model Germany Japan UK USA A (1-3) LU2 LS1, LS2, LS3 B (2-5) LG2 LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5 C(1-5) LU2, LS1, LS2, LU5 LS3, LS5 D(1-7) LU2 LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5 E(1-15) LJ8, LJ9, LU2, LS1, LS2, LJ12, LU8, LS3,LS4, LJ13 LU10 LS5, LS8, LJ14, LS10, LS14 LJ15 Table 2 Regression analysis for France Number Significant Variables Of Expl.
A cautionary note: The material in ASTM A 333 Grades 1,3,4,6,9 and 10 is required to have minimum of 10 ft-lbs absorbed energy (impact values).This is the same as ASTM A 350 LF1, but material ASTM A 350 LF2 and LF3 are required to have minimum of 12 ft-lbs absorbed energy (impact values).