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LFA-1Lymphocyte Function-Associated Antigen-1
LFA-1Leukocyte Function Associated Molecule 1
LFA-1Lymphocyte Function Associated Molecule 1
LFA-1Leucocyte Function-Associated Antigen-1
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[sup.111]In-DANBIRT Molecular Imaging of LFA-1 Expression in Atherosclerosis Development.
Results of this study confirm (1) specificity of radiolabeled DANBIRT biodistribution in target tissues (Figure 1), illustrating a selective and competitive LFA-1 receptor binding in leukocytes (neutrophils) in an acute inflammatory exposure model (ozone) (Figure 2); (2) histopathologically observed development of aortic lesions (Figure 2) correlated with in vivo molecular imaging evidence of longitudinal increased uptake of [sup.111]In-DANBIRT in cardiovascular tissues in [apoE.sup.-/-] mice (Figures 4 and 5); and (3) accurate characterization of atherosclerosis in a mouse model identifying early-stage development of vascular atherosclerotic plaque in cardiovascular tissues (Figure 3, Supplemental Figure 3).
The increased LFA-1 expression and corresponding high [sup.111]In-DANBIRT uptake in neutrophils following ozone exposure supports the concept of an acute systemic immune injury model.
The presence of [sup.111]In-DANBIRT in cardiovascular and immune tissues was evidenced by LFA-1 intraplaque expression from immunohistochemical assessment (Figure 3), while the systemic inflammatory response observed following exposure to inhaled ozone in the in vitro studies correlated to increased circulating leukocytes (Figures 2(a) and 2(b)).
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MANUFACTURER: 5 Shot Leather, 509-844-3969, 5shotleather.com MODEL: LFA-1 RH MATERIALS: Cowhide loather CARRY TYPE: OWB RETENTION TYPE: Level 1, friction ADJUSTABILITY: None MSRP: 5145 HANDGUN FIT: Browning HI-Power (as tested) ACCESSORY RAIL ACCOMMODATIONS: None POSITIONS TO CARRY: Behind the hip AVG.
The FLow Cytometry Analysis for LFA-1 Integrin on Freshly Isolated Monocytes.
To extend the analysis of the alteration in the LFA1 expression on monocytes in the study groups, we used median MFI value as an arbitrary base to calculate the proportion of CD14(+) monocytes with LFA-1 MFI above median which were designated LFA-1 high ([LFA-l.sup.hi]) and monocytes with LFA-1 MFI below median designated LFA1 low ([LFA-1.sup.lo]).
The analysis revealed no association between IFN-y responses to M.tb specific antigens and MFI values of mCD14, TLR2, CD206, and LFA-1 receptors either in patients with active TB, healthy volunteers with latent TB suggested by IGRA positive results, or healthy IGRA negative participants.
It should be emphasized that in TB patients the increased CD14 expression on monocytes was accompanied by the increase in the level of [beta]2 integrin lymphocyte function associated antigen-1 (LFA-1).
biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are now developing ICAM-1 and LFA-1 antibodies for clinical use, Isobe says.
Although he saw no side effects of the therapy in his mice, disrupting the binding of ICAM-1 with LFA-1 might slow wound healing, he notes.