LFACLotteries Fund Advisory Committee (Hong Kong)
LFACLiving Faith Apostolic Church (Columbus, OH)
LFACLynchburg Fine Arts Center (Lynchburg, VA)
LFACLow Frequency Alternating Current (power conversion)
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Therefore, the support from a centre such as CvCD [+ or -] LFAC is crucial for families with limited resources.
This study presents epidemiological data on all young people with diabetes known to CVcD from January 2005 to February 2017 and the clinical features of the cohort receiving care at the end of 2015 and documents the initial impact of the LFAC Program.
The data were collected via LFAC Annual Clinical Data Sheets.
HbA1c results at the start of the LFAC Program in 2004-2005 were available for 57 subjects.
We present a partition-based fuzzy active contour model with incorporating local information, termed as LFAC for short.
Figures 11(d) and 11(f) show that DRLSE and LFAC can better detect the object than other three models.