LFAMLake Forest Asset Management (Gow & Partners; Chicago, IL)
LFAMLine Focus Acoustic Microscope
LFAMLive Fire and Maneuver
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In 2014, SABIC began to expand its footprint when it became involved in the emerging technology of LFAM. For example, the company was a sponsor of a collaborative effort with Local Motors, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Cincinnati, Inc.
In May 2017, SABIC launched its initial portfolio of Thermocomp AM compounds for LFAM (see Jan.
For LFAM, there may be an expansion of the Thermocomp AM portfolio.
Having made significant investments in state-of-the-art equipment in its additive manufacturing Centers of Excellence in the U.S., The Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia, the company has internal process capability for FDM/FFF, SLS, and LFAM as well as a variety of other specialized printer technologies.
LFAM filed its 1993 corporate income tax return two months late.
The Court of Federal Claims rejected LFAM's contention that the missing Schedule K-1 constituted reasonable cause, Relying on Boyle, 469 US 241 (1985), the court held that the corporation had a categorical duty to file by the statutory deadline.
LFAM is troubling because it appears to wholly ignore the taxpayer's obligation to file a return reasonably accurate in all material respects.
Meanwhile, the Country Director of Life for African Mothers (LFAM), Abdul Bah commended the health team of the county for the coordination and applauded the trainers for coming to Liberia to train midwives.
Currently in development are compounds based on semi-crystalline resins such as PBT, nylon, PPS, and PEEK to address the need for LFAM materials with improved chemical resistance and stiffness.