LFBFLouisiana Farm Bureau Federation (est. 1922; Baton Rouge, LA)
LFBFLeft Forearm Blood Flow
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Conversion efficiencies of solar energy into biomass were calculated for two locations of TMNR and Linfeng Bamboo Farm (LFBF) in a 150--200 m altitude hill area of Anji County (30[degrees]55'N, 119[degrees]54'E).
In contrast, the LFBF bamboo grove with stand density of 4500 plants/ha and total bamboo biomass stock was about 100 t/ha/a (DW)(Zhou & Jiang, 2004).
Middle and upper layers of canopy (b) Lower, Middle and Upper levels of Canopy are of 1st -7th, 8th -14th, and above 15th to top branches respectively Table 2 Energy Conversion Efficiency and Carbon Sequestered by Bamboo Forests in West Zhejiang, Subtropical China Site Location Total DM Carbon (a) Fixed (a) TMNR 30[degrees]18'N, 29.36 14.78 119[degrees]181 LFBF 30[degrees]55'N, 33.34 16.67 119[degrees]54'E Site Location Harvested [E.sub.T] DM (a) % TMNR 30[degrees]18'N, -- 1.45 119[degrees]181 LFBF 30[degrees]55'N, 22.33 1.62 119[degrees]54'E Site Location [E.sub.par]% [E.sub.h]% TMNR 30[degrees]18'N, 3.32 -- 119[degrees]181 LFBF 30[degrees]55'N, 3.60 1.00 119[degrees]54'E (a) unit of DM (dry matte) and Carbon fixed: t/ha/annum