LFDPLooking for Dungeon Party (gaming)
LFDPLarge Format Digital Printing
LFDPLand for Development Programme (UN Economic Commission for Europe)
LFDPLateral Fascicle of the Deep Peroneal Nerve (neurology)
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According to LFDP [16] the upper limit sustainable yield, i.e., MSY is achieved when the biomass is half the biomass of the un-fished stock.
[13.] LFDP (1994) Preliminary estimation of the maximum sustainable yields of the lakes covered by the Lake Fisheries Development Project.
[16.] LFDP (1995) Fisheries statistical bulletin, Number Two.
The 16ha LFDP showed an eight-fold increase in the number of stems of C.
montana, the most common species on the LFDP, had 8.8% mortality from Hurricane Hugo, mostly due to broken stems presumably occurring as surrounding trees fell on the palms.