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LFELow Frequency Effects
LFELeague Football Education (UK)
LFELarge Force Employment (US DoD)
LFELow Frequency Enhancement
LFELarge Formation Exercise (US Air Force)
LFELean Front End (software)
LFELearning From Experience
LFELarge Final Emitter (environment)
LFELaminar Flow Element
LFELeicester, Forest, East
LFELove for Ever
LFELow Frequency Encoding (subwoofer sound channel on Dolby Digital 5.1 format)
LFELive Fire Exercise
LFELaboratory for Electronics Inc.
LFELowest Flood Elevation
LFELoss of Future Earnings
LFELanding Field Elevation (airport elevation)
LFELead Field Engineer
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Having impressed in a selection game, Fewster earned a spot in the LFE team and will be desperate to impress in Tuesday's trial game at Manchester City's Etihad Training Ground, where more than 100 scouts from clubs across the world are expected to be in attendance.
It's the second LFE goal of the month award, with Portsmouth striker Matt Mayes claiming the first.
Electrical conductivity parameters of milk and Lfe content were then analyzed from the same sample.
LFE provides a fast, easy way to custom-match borrowers with loan programs ranging from conforming to nonprime--even if the originators have limited experience with an unfamiliar mix of product categories.
A continuacion, un segundo apartado amplia la lengua objeto de estudio a todas las lenguas modernas (de ahi que a partir de entonces se hable de lenguas para fines especificos) y traslada a nuestro pais este interes por los inicios y la evolucion de las LFE desde que en 1984 se registrara el primer trabajo al respecto como comunicacion presentada en el II Congreso Nacional de AESLA y publicada un ano mas tarde.
Twenty-four plants were selected from population LFE, which was infected with the fungal endophyte [Neotyphodium coenophialum (Morgan-Jones & Gams) Glenn, Bacon, Price & Hanlin; syn.
Eurotherm Gauging Systems, Billerica, Mass., is launching its first new product line since it acquired LFE Industrial Systems last year.
This article advances a highly speculative argument about learning from experience (LFE), and examines how the education, training and development practices associated with it have changed in recent history.
Leigh Bromby's side have been selected by the League Football Education (LFE) for the Erasmus+ training camp after applying earlier this year.
LFoundry is an integrated circuit wafer foundry headquartered in Italy, which is owned by LFE and MI.
It was a Boro one-two in November's LFE Goal of the Month competition, with Under-18 star Alex Pattison finishing second with 35.95%.