LFFRLittle Feet Ferret Retreat
LFFRLotus Formula Ford Register (Craig, CO)
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This scheme allows subdividing soil microaggregates into four groups according to their stability to sonification, and the properties of organic and organo-mineral components: nonoccluded (free) organic matter (LFfr), occluded organic matter (L[F.sub.ooc] = L[F.sub.ooc1] + L[F.sub.ooc2]), organo-clay complexes (Clay), and residue (Res) see Figure 2.
In forest soil (Krymlov 2), almost 31% of carbon is represented by free organic matter (LFfr), whereas in the arable layer the share of this fraction is less than 15% of [C.sub.LF] (Table 6).
Principal among them was James McIntyre, who :spent a .substantial time making at least fifty .sketches, some of which, and an account of the camp, are in his Making my Mark: An Artists Early Lffr (2001).