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LFHLow Force Helix (graphics connection)
LFHlow-fragmentation heap
LFHLow Frequency Magnetic
LFHLower Facial Height (physiology)
LFHLycée Franco-Hellénique Eugène-Delacroix (French: Franco-Hellenic Eugene-Delacroix High School; Greece)
LFHLondon Foot Hospital (UK)
LFHLocal Family History
LFHLive from Hollywood (Internet show)
LFHLower Fellowship Hall
LFHLocal Failure Handler
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It is deployed at the internal customer connection point, where the connectorised end (LC or SC connector) is simply plugged into, from which the polyethylene outer sheath is adjusted to expose enough LFH tube to route internally to the customer lead in point.
To our knowledge, 28 cases of lumbar LFH [1, 2, 4-24] have been reported (Table 1) and all these patients underwent surgical management.
The LFH would benefit most from telepathology because of the size constraints and fragility of the larger slides via snail mail.
Ratios of PFH to AFH and UFH to LAFH also confirmed that LFH and TFH is more in our population than the Caucasian population.
As for the objective function part, given the binary codes B = [{[b.sub.i]}.sup.n.sub.i=1] for all the images, the likelihood of pairwise labels S = {[s.sub.ij]} can be defined as that of LFH [36]:
The MPC system employs the LFH stamped-and-formed contact system, which the company said helps ensure a reliable electrical interface for applications requiring multiple insertions.
The bonus event, Locate from Hell (LFH), differs from other divisions in several ways.
One example is Ellon-based LFH Engineering, headed by SMAS board member Les Hill, which is currently putting in facilities in China so it can service its markets there.
Later,themanclimbedback insidethehouse.Policesaidhewas hi lfh Man back on how we told Emergency services, including police negotiators, were called to the scene near Ysgol Ffordd Dyffryn primary school and the man in his 30s came down at 5.50pm.
Germida, "Impact of clear cutting on soil microbial communities and bioavailable nutrients in the LFH and Ae horizons of Boreal Plain forest soils," Forest Ecology and Management, vol.
Producing a high visibility, 110 flashes-per-minute strobe beacon light, the LFH series of LED warning lights is ideal for industrial applications in any environment.