LFMCLiquid-Tight Flexible Metal Conduit
LFMCLiving Faith Miracle Center (Canada)
LFMCLondon Film-Makers' Co-Op (est. 1966; UK)
LFMCLouisiana Federation of Music Clubs (est. 1928)
LFMCLawrence Free Methodist Church (Lawrence, KS)
LFMCLighthouse Free Methodist Church
LFMCLast Few Motorcycle Club
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On the agency's to-do list for 2014 is acquiring formal control of those units since the LFMC is still waiting for the official transfer documents from the province.
when harvesting starts up under the LFMC, a good chunk of the corporation's revenue will be generated through the collection of stumpage fees.
sible is a driving force behind the LFMC, but there are some uncontrollable costs such as diesel fuel prices.
The LFMC is going to enter into business contracts with all of those players, that's going to be their role," said Speers.
Considerable work needs to be done, including developing a new regulation to enable the creation of the LFMC.
We are committed to working with the interested parties on the details and implementation plan for both this initial LFMC and the ESFLs.
She calls the LFMC concept a "massive experiment" that threatens to take back all the wood supply fibre commitments.
Secondly, the Crown Corporations run by LFMC boards can expose many northern and rural communities to the whims of special interest groups.
There are several fundamental issues with the organization of LFMCs.
The coalitions of communities and First Nations that have developed across the North are a potential nucleus of an LFMC.
A key reform that the LFMC structure makes possible is the creation of a timber market; LFMCs must be able to sell wood by long-and short-term contract, spot sales, and auction.
A virtue of the LFMC concept is to allow for diversity, to reflect local circumstances and encourage innovation; again, having a few, large LFMCs also undermines the realization of this benefit.