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LFMRLow-Frequency Microwave Radiometer
LFMRLubelska Fabryka Maszyn Rolniczych SA (Polish: Lublin Agricultural Machinery Factory; Lublin, Poland)
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Hart Publishing (Oxford, UK) has begun the publication of "Law and Financial Markets Review" (LFMR), a new journal designed to offer "high-quality" information, commentary and analysis for lawyers specializing in banking and financial markets and to other professionals with interests in legal and regulatory developments affecting the financial markets.
The article summary stressed the need for more information based upon actual landfill mining experience and the "public consideration" is recognized in the following: "The technical feasibility is improved if, additionally, the wastes are well stabilized inasmuch as the malodors generated during LFMR operations if the wastes are not sufficiently decomposed.