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The use of a visual analog scale to detect mood changes 120 minutes after treatment did not yield significant differences between those receiving LFMS and those receiving sham.
The intervention of LFMS or sham was delivered for 20 minutes daily on 2 consecutive days, and then again for 2 more days after an interim assessment.
Many experimental building blocks support the use of LFMS to treat depression.
In principle, an LFM can be directly programmed from the labour force survey.
This particular arrangement of rows and columns can be shown to increase the flexibility of the LFM for purposes of forecasting and policy making where a specific shape of demand for labour is given and a solution of the supply pattern is sought, or otherwise.
What are the uses of the LFM? We may postulate that, in principle, the degree of attention which may be devoted by the economists, and the public authorities, to a particular group, on purely theoretical welfare grounds, should be in accord with the proportion of the group in the whole labour force.
The used signal for the proposed radar system is Linear Frequency Modulated (LFM) pulses.
Thus the transmitted LFM pulse can be represented as:
A signal generator is used to generate the LFM pulses.
The signal used for the proposed radar system is a Linear Frequency Modulated (LFM) pulse, which comes with several advantages.
Figure 4(b) shows the LFM pulse, sweeping from 6 GHz to 7.5 GHz in 10 ms, which is repeated every 30 ms.
Therefore, the transmitted LFM pulse can be computed using: