LFNSLondon Friday Night Skate (in-line skating event)
LFNSLow Frequency Navigation System
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These managers represent the nodes ofthe LSN and LFN being studied.
Due to the ratio of edges to nodes in both LSN and LFN, following the criteria given by [22], it can be ensured that the motif configuration of the LSN and LFN presented in this case can be considered mature for analysis, no matter the networks are still evolving.
The LSN and LFN were mapped by analyzing an internal database where all (CPD)nA were stored.
Figure 4 provides a powerful visual of the overall systemic configuration of both LSN and LFN by representing the overall system of 9 hospitals linked together by a central corporate headquarter.
The network logistics approach to bulk data transfers uses a store-and-forwarding mechanism to improve throughput in LFNs (19).
TCP Reno, the predominant TCP implementation, performs badly on LFNs, i.e.
(1.) LFNs are networks with a large bandwidth-delay product.