LFRRLand Force Reserve Restructure (Canada)
LFRRLupus Family Registry and Repository (Oklahoma City, OK)
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As a result of the continually extended LFRR process, the status of many units and their soldiers is uncertain.
A former CO of 1st Combat Engineer Regiment and recently Commander Land Force Western Area, Fitch was posted to NDHQ this past summer, initially as acting-Assistant Chief of the Land Staff, but has now taken the reins of LFRR as the Project Manager.
Three main efforts will run almost concurrently: consensus of the stakeholders; allocation of resources -- basically money, as today there is no budget for completion of the LFRR -- and implementation.
In a wide-ranging interview with Reserve Artillery Lieutenant Colonel Leon Jensen, the Director Land Reserve Management 5 at the LFRR office, was emphatic that things are improving in the Army Reserve.
With recruiting up, the LFRR office is studying retention issues such as pay and benefits.
The officer given the nod to lead the new Phase I LFRR is Brigadier General Petras, a Reservist.
According to the Minister's Monitoring Committee's first quarterly report, "the next few months are critical to the proper launch of LFRR.
It intends to hold regular meetings with Lieutenant General Jeffery and Brigadier General Fitch and the Project Management Office for LFRR Area and Deputy Commanders, operational commanders, CF members throughout the chain-of-command as well as community representatives.