LGBPLocal Gabor Binary Pattern
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There was a significant overexpression of the CP and LGBP transcriptions observed in hepatopancreas of infected shrimp.
Relative expression (respect to [beta]-Actin) of coagulation proteins, lipo-polysaccharides and P-glucan binding protein (LGBP), serine and lysozyme in hepatopancreas of shrimp infected with NHP-B without being treated with oxytetracycline (W/O OXI) or FF (W/O FF), and after 15 and 20 days from being treated with both OXI (OXI 15 and OXI 20) and FF (FF 15 and FF 20).
The calculation of LGBP codes is computed in a single scan through each GMP using the LBP operator.
[mu] x [gamma] LGBP maps {[G.sub.[mu],[gamma]] [mu] [member of] [0,7], [gamma] [member of] [0,4]} are thus generated via the above procedure.
where i is the ith LGBP code, [h.sub.i] is the number of nonoccluded pixels with code i, and
En relacion a la expresion de los genes relacionados con el sistema inmune, se observo una sobreexpresion de LGBP (~2) en los camarones de ambos tratamientos con extracto de L.
Ademas, la sobreexpresion de LGBP y proPO en los tratamientos que recibieron extracto de la raiz, se asociaria a una inmunoestimulacion por alguno de los componentes del extracto.
By different combination algorithm, the E-GV-LBP algorithm has a higher recognition than the LGBP algorithm and has the robust to variable light.
Molecular characterization and expression analysis of lipopolysaccharide and [beta]-1, 3-glucan-binding protein (LGBP) from pearl oyster Pinctada fucata.
This treatment has been shown to upregulate PRRs such as lipopolysaccharide- and [beta]-1,3-glucan binding proteins (LGBPs) in shrimp, prawns, crayfish, and scallops (Lee et al.