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LGBTILesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex
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Single Step is the only LGBTI organization in Bulgaria which is fully licensed by the National Agency for Child Protection and the Agency for Social Assistance, to provide social services to youth and young adults.
Research shows LGBTI hate crime is under-reported and we have responded to this by training more than 60 officers to work specifically with the country's LGBTI community.
Initiative head, Martin Macko, praised the interest displayed by the head of state on the LGBTI issue.
But he said he loved the fact that the Australian people had rejected fear campaigns that had "questioned the legitimacy of LGBTI people and our families".
which includes "developing policies to ensure they respect human rights of LGBTI people," providing an affirmative work environment, and using their leverage to prevent discrimination (see sidebar on page 46 for the full standards).
The wave of arrests comes after the Public Prosecutor announced an investigation after revelers waved a rainbow flag, often seen as supportive of LGBTI rights, at a concert by Lebanese group Mashrou Leila.
As our interview came to an end, this woman told me how happy she was that LGBTI soldiers feel free and able to serve proudly in uniform today.
Every year around June, the countries organize, or participate in events to celebrate the diversity of our citizens, reduce discrimination and misinformation about the LGBTI community.
I asked for a categoric assurance that if any deal or scoping deal was done with the DUP there would be absolutely no rescission of LGBTI rights in the rest of the UK, in Great Britain, and that we would use any influence that we had to advance LGBTI rights in Northern Ireland.
1) However, LGBTI people have had very little data or research about their lives to draw on to inform policies, legislation, programs, and investments to advance LGBTI inclusion and respect for their rights.
Embassy in Bogota welcomed Special Envoy for the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) persons Randy Berry to Bogota July 15-16 to recognize Colombia's advances on LGBTI rights and identify opportunities for progress.
com)-- myGwork has partnered with Gay Star News to create the largest online hub for LGBTI professionals in the world.