LGBTQILesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Intersex
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"If this bill becomes law, we will join California as the only other state to protect the rights of LGBTQI resident in long-term care facilities, where we will be an example for other states across the country."
Brockmann first gave an overview of his presentation, he started "by looking at LGBTQI youth in large measure, because what happens with youth and involvement in the criminal justice system has a direct and significant impact on who is incarcerated as an adult." Brockmann highlighted the growing need to gather, at intake, as much information concerning an individuals' medical history, including critically important reports on their behavioral, mental, substance use and developmental histories.
"We've taken this stance to add our voice to the calls on Brunei to reverse this change in the law and in support of LGBTQI people everywhere," the company said in a statement.
Many of us work in education, many are LGBTQI, and all are concerned about the wellbeing of young people and that they are able to learn about living without shame.
Inspired by Christopher Isherwood's musical cabaret Berlin Stories, theatre group the Phnom Penh Players are to host a performance of Shanghai Cabaret at Chinese House in Phnom Penh, with all proceeds donated to a local clinic to support Cambodia's LGBTQI community.
While women across demographic groups report that their medical providers don't always listen to them or respect their decision-making, the problem is particularly acute for women of color, low-income women, immigrant women, LGBTQI individuals, and members of other marginalized communities.
The LGBTQI rights movement is progressing in both Western and Eastern countries.
Just as women's studies has morphed into gender studies and then to LGBTQI studies, the most radical and visionary work and activism that was initially part of women's studies got lost and became somewhat French.
The other one Uncensored Islanders focuses on members of the LGBTQI community and their access to contraceptives and family planning services.
Fortunately, life had a few lessons for me in acceptance, and I now count all the letters of our LGBTQI and ally alphabet and all the colors of the rainbow among my friends!
In addition, attitudes towards the LGBTQI community have changed dramatically and Mary meets with members who open up about their experience of the Catholic Church and the place it has in their lives.
STANCE "Our government has being lying dormant for over 18 months whilst our MLAs are being paid and we have no ruling body taking action in our communities against drug problems, paramilitaries, homelessness, poverty, education, the NHS - our hospitals and schools in crisis, trafficking, immigration, a housing and benefit crisis and basic human rights being ignored with our women and LGBTQi brothers and sisters.