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Caption: LGen Stephen Bowes, commanding officer of Canadian Joint Operations Command, visited the CAF members deployed as part of Operation REASSURANCE'S enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group (eFP BG) Latvia in August 2017.
Caption: During his visit to the eFP BG in Latvia last August, LGen Stephen Bowes spoke with our members of the allied NATO mission, including soldiers of the Polish armed forces (above).
LGen Hood: What I have said is, for the Air Force to be successful in 2030, I need industry to be successful.
LGen Hood: Wherever Canadian industry can innovate, and compete, I'd be a strong supporter of us procuring Canadian-made equipment for the Air Force.
LGen Wynnyk: We track every occupation, every classification, and every trade.
LGen Wynnyk: There are a number of priorities and there is a mechanism where we rank and prorate them, and that is then fed into a committee that assesses the Canadian Armed Forces' priorities.
LGen Paul Wynnyk: In the Defence Policy, you'll see that there's an explicit statement to increase the size of the regular Canadian Armed Forces by 3,500 and the Reserves by about 1,500.
Caption: ABOVE: With Chief of Defence Staff General Jonathan Vance (right) looking on, LGen Paul Wynnyk (left) signs the official scroll that hands over the leadership of the Canadian Army to him from his predecessor, LGen Hainse, during the Commander Canadian Army Change of Command Ceremony.
LGen Hainse: You can always procure more resources, but where does it end?
LGen Hainse: Well, I like to think I have made progress in many areas, otherwise I would not feel good about my commitment here.
LGen Vance: I think these will be questions for the ages, but at this stage I'll give it to you from a practitioner's perspective.
Although no date has been announced as of press date, LGen Vance will take over as CDS from Gen Tom Lawson by September.