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LGFLittle Green Footballs (blog site)
LGFLong Glass Fiber
LGFLight Guide Film (optronics)
LGFLoan Guarantee Fund (finance)
LGFLocal Government Finance
LGFLocal Government Funds (Ohio)
LGFLow Grade Fever
LGFLångsamtgående Fordon (Swedish vehicle with a maximum allowed speed of 45 km/h)
LGFLet's Get Free (Ella Baker Center)
LGFLocal Guard Force
LGFLiquefied Gaseous Fuels
LGFLatch Growth Factor
LGFLions Gate Films Corporation
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Fortuitously, the regional security office had just two weeks earlier worked with the post management team and Embassy Warsaw's Medical Unit to train the LGF team to respond as it did.
During a special town hall meeting held a few days after the incident, the entire consulate staff gathered to honor the LGF team for its response, with DCM John Law sharing a letter of appreciation from the rescued man.
The assessments carried out on the uppermost plant leaf in tillering phase and flag leaf in the EGF and LGF stages.
2008), Pn ( mol CO2 m-2 s-1) / Tr (mmol H2O m-2 s-1) ratio was regarded as an estimation criterion of the intrinsic water use efficiency (WUE, mol CO2 mmol-1 H2O) for all developmental phases of Til, EGF, and LGF.
For banks subject to operational resolution regimes, the LGF analysis will incorporate the cushion against loss that each creditor class derives from the amount of debt subordinate to it in a resolution," said Gregory Bauer, Managing Director Global Banking, Moody's.
Moody's employs both a basic and an advanced LGF analysis.
LGF believes in the power of storytelling and looks to facilitate the sharing of stories through their missionary and Champion networks.
LGF also provides ongoing support for their missionaries through weekly e-letters and fundraising assistance and has recently been awarded the Social Media Award for excellence in Non-Profit engagement.
LGF technology features a series of shallow axial grooves that provide a light rotational resistance, thereby increasing the mechanical friction between the screw and barrel compared with smooth-bore machines, explains Dr.
Only a couple of reports in the literature deal with the blow molding of LGF composites.
When the LGF screw is coupled with the MuCell microcellular process it reportedly allows production of large structural parts with dramatically reduced warpage as well as high retention of properties, weight savings and cycle-time reduction.