LGGCLake Geneva Gaming Convention
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However, due to concerns regarding possible violation of state sovereignty--tested in the High Court in 1926--the federal government has been loath to impose a uniform method of allocation onto the various LGGC (Twomey 2012).
It is useful to provide a synoptic description of the LGGC funding models currently employed in the three eastern mainland states.
The following descriptions of the three state LGGC methods are taken from the 2010/11 Grant Commission Annual Reports.
Appendix 8 of the NSW Local Government Grant Commission report (NSW LGGC 2011) details its method for allocating federal road grant funds.
The NSW LGGC method has a slight degree of HFE within the state between the crude categories of rural and urban councils, but once again the distinct strata of regional centre is ignored.
With respect to interstate HFE between the three broad strata, our analysis provides a clear indication of the likely skewing of transfers towards urban centres in two of the LGGC methodologies.
A positive variance indicated that the figure re-estimated using the comparative LGGC model was greater than the Victorian allocation.
The same comments essentially apply to the rural strata which--on average--allocate fewer funds under NSW LGGC model, but with lower levels of variance (the average variance is not particularly high but for some small councils, such as Central Darling, $200,000 annually is doubtless significant).
146 (71, 75) Sajjad Khan (FGA), (73, 73) Muhammad Ashfaq (AGC) 147 (71, 76) Matloob Ahmed (LGGC), (72, 75) Muhammad Khursheed (FGA), (73,74) Ansar Mahmood (FGA), (71, 76) Daniyal Jehangir (PGA).
Saqib, 16, also did LGGC proud by winning the junior amateur trials by two shots denying overnight leader Vivek Anand's dream to hog limelight come true.
At 156 are 16-year-old Junaid Irfan of the KGC and 15-year-old Damil Attaullah of the LGGC.
153 Junaid Irfan (KGC) 77, 76; Damil Attaullah (LGGC) 79, 74