LGHLowell General Hospital (Massachusetts)
LGHLeicester General Hospital (UK)
LGHLeased Government Housing (US DoD)
LGHLinea Group Holding
LGHLakeshore General Hospital (Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada)
LGHLaunched Grapnel Hook
LGHLittle Green Heatsink
LGHLow Glass House
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The principal said security arrangements had also been tightened more at the LGH.
Prof Nazir told Dawn the Human Organ Transplant Authority had paid several visits before allowing the transplant to LGH.
A $73 million master facilities plan, which includes inpatient renovations and a new surgical building, is nearly complete, and LGH is embarking on an electronic medical record replacement that will cost $24 million, including both capital and non-capital costs.
Post Graduate Medical Institute Principal Professor Dr Ghias Nabi Tayyab expressed satisfaction and said that this Bipolar TURP would be low cost and more beneficial for the patients as it would cost Rs3 lac in the private sector while at LGH it would be almost free of cost.
As part of the plan, the LGH will recruit two endocrinologists and two neurologists to provide support to other specialists and trainees.
LGH staff knew that excessive blood draws and adverse patient outcomes were problems that were far from unique to their institution.
According to him, the administrative doctors of the LGH had been delegated more powers so as to facilitate patients round the clock.
8220;As explained on its website, LGH carefully selects each piece of rental equipment for its durability, ease of use and safety.
He said that in the back drop of current situation in the country, the security of LGH and PGMI would be ensured by adopting strict measures and no negligence or lethargy on the part of staff or officers would be tolerated.
The office bearers of the medical associations also demanded Punjab Government and Health Department to give sympathetic hearing to the demands of lower staff of LGH and their genuine demands be accepted immediately.
Within the scope of the project, LGH requested that an existing "Stories from Light" ceiling light sculpture in the Women's and Babies lobby area be retained in place and emphasized in the reception pavilion's design.
But Speedy Lifting said there was no threat to LGH jobs.