LGHCLeader of the Government in the House of Commons (Canada)
LGHCLifting Gear Hire Corporation (Bridgeview, IL)
LGHCLakshmi Girls' Hindu College (Trinidad and Tobago)
LGHCLow Gain High Contrast (projector screens)
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Participants with scores for global self-esteem that were above the mean but with scores for contingent self-esteem that were below the mean were classified as having high global and low contingent self-esteem (HGLC, n = 53), and those whose self-esteem pattern was the reverse of this were classified as having low global self-esteem and high contingent self-esteem (LGHC, n = 55).
Post hoc tests for least significant difference (LSD) indicated that participants in the LGHC group had significantly higher levels of drug craving (M [+ or -] SD = 140.98 [+ or -] 41.96) than those in the HGLC group (M [+ or -] SD = 106.57 [+ or -] 44.49; p < .001), and marginally significantly higher than those in the groups classified as HGHC (M [+ or -] SD = 124.28 [+ or -] 37.30) and LGLC (M [+ or -] SD = 127.42 [+ or -] 32.96; p = .071 and p = .089, respectively).