LGIALarge Generator Interconnection Agreement
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We have already noted that the original LGIA contains no provision that imposes legal duties of accountability because it had always been intended that a different body would handle dealings in land (Whimp, 1998).
Although the amended act does impose rules of governance that were absent in the original, the further question remains of whether the amended LGIA overcomes the issues relating to the capacity of the ILG to function as the representative of the actual customary owners.
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Amend the pro forma Large Generator and Small Generator Interconnection Agreements (LGIA and SGIA) to require that all new generating facilities install, maintain, and operate a functioning governor or equivalent controls as a precondition of interconnection.
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The new deal with Bravura has been announced after LGIA's invested in Babel, a Bravura messaging product to ensure compliance with the SuperStream regime.
The scope of this project has been changed due to a reduction in load growth in Fallon area, the termination of one LGIA and the reduction in a second LGIA have also contributed to the reduction in scope of this project.