LGIBLocal Government International Bureau (UK)
LGIBLower Gastrointestinal Bleeding (medical)
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The causes of painless LGIB are different in children from adults15.
However even the best centers of the world could find any abnormality in 10%30% of patients with LGIB.
Vascular malformation such as hemangiomas and angiodysplasia in children are rare causes of painless LGIB.
Total of 80 pediatric patients from 1 to 18 years of age and of both genders presenting with painless LGIB for more than four weeks were included in the study.
89 years) with LGIB underwent colonoscopy to obtain biopsy specimen in order to determine the histopathological causes of lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding.
It is one of the common reasons for which children are referred to pediatric surgeons and gastroenterologists 3To find out the cause of LGIB a detailed history a thorough physical examination including a digital rectal examination and various investigations including a colonoscopy should be carried out18.
The causes of LGIB are different in children than adults.
However in all of these studies the most common cause of LGIB was juvenile polyps and it was also the finding of our study.