LGICLigand Gated Ion Channels (cell signalling)
LGICLieutenant Governor in Council (Canada)
LGICLine Group ISDN Controller
LGICLG Information and Communication Ltd. (electronics company; Seoul, South Korea)
LGICLacrimal Gland Interstitial Cells (microbiology)
LGICLocal Government Information Centre (various locations)
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Synaptic responses mediated by LGICs are designated as excitatory or inhibitory, depending on whether their net effect is to make it more or less likely that the postsynaptic neuron will fire an action potential (Kandel et al.
In general, the responses produced by GPCRs are slower in onset and longer lasting than those produced by LGICs because several molecular steps are required to get from the receptor protein to the final effector (in contrast to the direct intraprotein signaling within LGICs).
We believe our customers have been waiting for this new automated capability, especially for LGIC drug targets, and we're pleased to bring this new platform on-line to meet the unique requirements of our drug discovery clients," said Thomas Oakley, president and CEO of ChanTest.
As a major player in the Korean telecommunications market and a leader in advanced wireless communication products, LGIC is driven to provide the highest quality products and services expected by its customers," said Sang-Sup Kim, General Manager of LGIC's satellite business unit.
Our alliance with LGIC is further proof that our commitment to leading edge two-way IP over-satellite and DVB technologies does provide the wide-band multimedia solutions demanded by today's telecommunications environment.
LGIC is to specify the requirements of the networks and NeTrue is to supply network hardware and software.
Our alliance with NeTrue and the use of its Vipersat Network will enable LGIC to fulfill its mission while maintaining our reputation for technological excellence.
We evaluated a number of vendors and selected Vertel because of their carrier-grade performance capabilities and, most importantly, because they provide local support in Korea," said Lee Kyung-Kuk, Vice President of LGIC.
We are pleased to expand our relationship with LGIC," said Cyrus Irani, President and Chief Operating Officer of Vertel.
Transcept's equipment sale to Tern Wireless represents the first combined effort with LGIC under their recently announced partnership.
LGIC is implementing Korea Telecom's Koreasat broadband initiative.
Norsat is pleased to have been selected by LGIC to supply systems for this next-generation satellite network," said Robert H.