LGIPLocal Government Investment Pool
LGIPLocal Government Improvement Programme (peer review; UK)
LGIPLarge Generator Interconnection Procedure
LGIPLocal Government Integration Practice (various locations)
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3) The panel's report is a must read and offers insight into best practices for all LGIP money managers.
Topics include LGIPs, arbitrage bonds, qualified tuition plans and the regulation of political contributions.
Some companies that manage their own portfolios are moving their short-term cash into funds, bank deposits or Treasury securities; exiting enhanced cash funds and LGIPs and investing in money market funds, bank deposits or Treasuries; moving cash from bank deposits into money market funds and Treasuries, and shifting investments from money market funds to Treasuries.
Survey questions pertained to the management of individual securities held by the government, excluding commingled funds such as LGIPs or money markets.
The Board rules would apply to LGIPs and higher education trusts only if the following three conditions are met: 1) a dealer is engaged in transactions in such interests; 2) such interests constitute municipal securities; and 3) such interests are issued by an issuer that, except for the exemptions under the securities laws, would otherwise be considered an investment company subject to regulation.