LGLGLet Go and Let God
LGLGLearning Green, Living Green (Frostburg State University; Frostburg, MD)
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(c) Die hochdeutschen Schriften aus dem 15ten bis zum 19ten Jahrhundert (lglg).
plants Okra leaf [L.sup.0.sub._] 114 Normal leaf ll 39 Red plant [R.sub.1_] 112 Green plant [r.sub.1][r.sub.1] 41 Pilose [H.sub.2_] 119 Normal trichome [h.sub.2][h.sub.2] 34 Yellow petal [Y.sub.1_] 114 Cream petal [y.sub.1][y.sub.1] 33 With petal spot [R.sub.2_] 104 Without petal spot [r.sub.2][r.sub.2] 45 Yellow pollen [P.sub.1_] 106 Cream pollen [p.sub.1][p.sub.1] 44 Brown fiber L[c.sub.1_] 105 White fiber l[c.sub.1]l[c.sub.1] 23 Green fiber L[g.sub._] 71 White fiber Lglg 23 Naked seed [N.sub.1_] 85 Fuzz seed [n.sub.1][n.sub.1] 44 Expected no.
* Alternation of first-half and last-half letters of the alphabet: LGLG, OOOY