LGMALocal Government Managers Australia (professional association; Australia)
LGMALeafy Greens Marketing Agreement (California)
LGMALocal Government Management Association (Canada)
LGMALocal Government and Municipal Authorities (UN)
LGMALanarkshire Guitar and Mandolin Association (UK; est. 1999)
LGMALighthouse Gospel Music Association (Raleigh, NC)
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An LGMA spokeswoman said: "Each individual will deal with each local authority on it.
The LGMA recognizes the need for further research to validate or adjust these guidelines based on scientific evidence.
Very little data is available on the costs of complying with food safety standards, such as the LGMA standards.
34) Many produce groups supporting the establishment of a national marketing agreement further want Congress to consider viewing the LGMA as "an instructive example for how to proceed" with the development of new food safety rules and regulations.
But by setting the safety standards lower, and ceding the more stringent requirements to the then market-leader, Fresh Express, the LGMA had the effect of leveling the playing field for the rest of the market, and so ensuring that all would bear similar costs in meeting improved, but still lower, safety requirements.
USDA-trained auditors who work for the California Department of Food and Agriculture now inspect each LGMA member's farms and processing facilities at least twice a year.
The audits determined that the overall compliance with the LGMA food safety practices is quite high: LGMA member companies were in compliance with 99.
LGMA chief Paul McSweeney revealed: "We had the pleasure of having a shotgun cartridge sent in the post which I reported to the gardai.
To help retailers identify those in compliance, the LGMA created the Service Mark logo for members in good standing to use on shipping and other documents.
Recent research indicates that the LGMA compliance costs are significantly higher, on a per acre basis, for smaller growers (Hardesty and Kusunose, 2009).