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LGMRLaser Guide Magnetic Recording
LGMRLaser Guided Magnetic Recording
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The SDLT design incorporates the Magneto Resistive Cluster (MRC) head design into LGMR assembly along with the Pivoting Optical Servo.
Five advanced technology modules enable LGMR to increase density and make maximum use of available tape on a cartridge.
MRC head technology is an enabling technology for LGMR. The heads are small MR heads, densely packed together to form a cluster.
A newer PRML channel improves on traditional PRML disk drive technology by bringing new levels of performance and capacity to LGMR technology and high-performance tape drives.
LGMR and the Super DLTtape architecture offer customers the best features of and backward compatibility to the industry standard DLTtape Technology, plus useful new technologies.
The cornerstone of the Super DLTtape Technology platform is its use of Laser Guided Magnetic Recording (LGMR).
Further, Quantum has indicated that they will implement a new optical servo technique called Laser Guided Magnetic Recording (LGMR), which provides the servo with position information by shining a laser on a reflective strip manufactured on the back of the tape.