LGNYLesbian and Gay New York
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LGNY came out strongly against the upstart even before its first issue rolled off the presses.
LGNY has started reminding readers of its roots on its back page, where it proclaims: "100% Gay Owned, 100% Gay Operated, 100% New Yorkers.
LGNY also accuses the Blade News of downplaying its gayness, in promotional ads and on news boxes, to avoid offending any gay-unfriendly advertisers in its parent company's community weeklies.
And LGNY blasts its competitor for eschewing so called "advocacy journalism" -- objective news, no editorials -- policies LGNY says don't jibe with NCI's other properties.
"I think what they bring to the table is a very dangerous combination of things, and it raises a lot of important cultural questions about publishing that need to be addressed," says LGNY publisher Troy Masters, who launched the paper in February 1995 after working for the now-defunct.
LGNY, with a full time staff of five in all, relies on some 40 freelancers and is looking for new corporate backing.