LGOMLife Giving Outreach Ministries (Columbia, SC)
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On the basis of this research it can be concluded that recently developed LGOM 2015 model can be used for precise applications such as satellite leveling over the test area.
Geoid General methodology Number of GNSS model points fitting a gravimetric 752 points: quasigeoid model EUVN, EUREF-POL, 2001 quasi97b into the satellite-leveling POLREF, quasigeoid model Tatry, WSSG QGEOID'PL01 based on EGM2008 model 400 points: EUVN, 2008 and fitted locally in the EUREF-POL, POLREF satellite-levelling points 2008A 141 points: ASG-EUPOS, EUVN 2008C 141 points: ASG-EUPOS, EUVN based on EGM2008 model 570 points: ASG-EUPOS, 2011 and fitted locally in the EUREF-POL, satellite-levelling points POLREF, EUVN LGOM based on EGM2008 and 109 points: GPS network 2015 PL-geoid-2011 and the LGOM satellite-levelling points Geoid Geometric Size of Interpolation model leveling outcome method grid no 1' x 1' bilinear 2001 no 1' x 1' bilinear 2008 2008A no 1' x 1' bilinear 2008C no 0.
In the work of WODYNSKI and Lasocki (2002) a twofold mining tremors effect on the technical condition of the building of LGOM was considered.
Such an approach to the evaluation of impact accelerating the wear of an object often involves the whole seismic history of the thirty years of mining exploitation in LGOM.
9]], r [member of] [300, 8700], is supposed to be suitable for the whole area of LGOM.
A considerable part of the analysed database of LGOM contains information about buildings for which the epicentral distances from some tremors were very short.