LGPINLow Grade Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia
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However, with rare exceptions, we caution against performing any immunostaining to diagnose HGPIN alone, since the morphologic features should be evident on H&E, and glands of LGPIN (and occasionally benign prostatic tissue) show similar staining patterns.
Interestingly, a study by Gurel et al (43) also showed a lack of 8q24 gains in HGPIN, but these authors also observed an incremental increase in MYC protein levels from normal to LGPIN to HGPIN, with MYC protein levels in HGPIN similar to those of invasive carcinoma.
Out of these, LGPIN were 23 cases (51%) and HGPIN were 21 cases (49%).
Although, the cytological features of LGPIN and HGPIN are fairly constant, the architecture shows a spectrum varying from a flattened epithelium to a florid cribriform proliferation.